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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. The color of our teeth is greatly affected by our daily habits and diets. Tooth discoloration occurs when the foods and drinks we consume leave behind small particles that buildup in the microscopic pores of the tooth's enamel. Our goal in whitening your teeth is to remove this buildup within the surface of your teeth. We do this by employing mechanical removal and oxidizing breakdown of the discoloring buildup, leaving behind your beautiful, whiter smile.

Mechanical removal is accomplished with a professional cleaning with one of our amazing dental hygienists. They will skillfully use professional equipment to remove much of the staining buildup. Then we utilize the Pola Advanced Tooth Whitening System to "bleach" the remaining buildup by oxidizing the molecules into water and smaller colorless particles that easily wash away.

very effective teeth whitening

Whitening For Life!

Join our "Whitening For Life" program for $199! Receive the take-home Poladay Advanced Tooth Whitening System, which includes professionally made whitening trays custom made for your teeth and Advanced Whitening Gel, to obtain your whiter teeth. Then, to help maintain your beautiful smile, we will refill your Advanced Whitening Gel FREE after every bi-annual professional cleaning! You can also purchase more refills at a discount price for more touch-up throughout the year.

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